Rogue Republic is both RTS game and storyline-featured series, with a large, deep and detailed storyline taking place chronologically right from the day when you, comrade, sit at the computer and read these lines to conflicts which will eventually tear the current world apart into the chaos of WW3 and events what come after it.

Needless to say, such a large sequence of events can't be told properly during just 1 game campaign. That's why Rogue Republic will be released as series of episodes, each new one telling you of an another conflict, but all linked to one storyline. Except campaign, each episode comes with new units, maps, countries and all that stuff.

To ensure you really believe what's happening on the screen, RR may be the first indie RTS bundled with campaign CnC-styled live videos and computer-graphic rendered animations.

In perfect, we should make both a game and an interactive movie in one bundle. Will we suceed at this goal? Time will show, chaps.

Revealed episodes currently under development:

  • Episode 0, nameless, tells you the story of a group of survivors after WW3 fending out for themselves and revealing the new world where they aren't welcome anymore. Even though it's called Episode 0, chronologically it takes place much later than the next ones.
  • Episode 1 details, which is between 0 and 2 is currently classified
  • Episode 2 takes place in the altered near future, when Turkey becomes a regional superpower and starts its agenda of fragmenting the weakened ex-Soviet states.