The pic here is kinda self-explanatory, even though it's from another opera: if you really want us to do deliver this game, if you got excited with the project, what's the best thing you can do? Simply join us :) This may be your chance to take part in a historic RTS attempt and in case if we go commercial - earn not just fame.

Currently we welcome people skilled as:

  • 3D modellers\skinners who can create artwork at least close to things in our gallery
  • animators
  • concept artists
  • creators of 2D promotional stuff like wallpapers, GUI, eye candies, cool vids
  • C++ programmers able to handle or write a game engine
  • Spring coders


Dissastisfied with this site and sure you can write a better one? Why not, we also have a:

  •  webmaster vacancy


Apply and send examples of your work to our mail or our profile on desura.


You can also help us greatly if you just spread the word about the project ;)